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by Fight Club "Project Mayhem"

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VANCOUVER, BC - A re-sampling, re-telling, & re-freshing example of the infinite interpretations of Chuck Palahaniuk's masterpiece "Fight Club".

Jay Mizz (Justin Mejia)'s debut solo project; after a number of mixtapes & guest appearances, brings a new shade of character to the humble and hardworking artist we have been learning to love.

After a strong response from listeners & critics alike from the initial single release "Take It Up A Notch", the decision was made to make the entire project available for streaming to the public.

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"..with enough soap, we could blow up just about anything"
- Tyler Durden


released October 26, 2010

All Verses By JAY MIZZ
(J.Mejia) (Since Day One Entertainment)
All Tracks Produced by MD
(J.McDonald) (Hamachingo Records/Dieslow Records)
Mastered at Creation Studios Inc by DR. NO (N.Stacey)

1. Welcome*
Prod. MD
Mixer: James H.
Engineer: Tha Pharmacist
Recorded at Blue Wave Studios

2. Oh Marla*
Composers: (J.Mejia/J.McDonald)
Prod. MD
Mixed & Engineered: James H.
Recorded at Hotbox Studios

3. Sealed Envelopes*
Composers: (J.Mejia/J.McDonald)
Prod. MD
Mixed & Engineered: James H
Recorded at Hotbox Studios

4. Interlude I*
Prod. MD
Mixed: MD

5. Take It Up A Notch*
Composers: (J.Mejia/J.McDonald)
Prod. MD
Mixed & Engineered: James H.
Recorded at Hotbox Studios
Contains a sample from "Sposa son disprezzata" - Cecilia Bartoli
Courtesy of Decca Records

6. Timezones*
Composer: (J.Mejia)
Prod. MD
Mixed & Engineered: James H.
Recorded at Hotbox Studios

7. Press Release*
Composers: (J.Mejia/J.McDonald)
Prod. MD
Mixed & Engineered: James H
Recorded at Hotbox Studios

8. Interlude II*
Prod. MD
Mixed: MD

9. Revival*
Composer: (J.Mejia)
Prod. MD
Mixed & Engineered: James H.
Recorded at Hotbox Studios
Contains a sample from "Woman In Love" - The Three Degrees
Courtesy of Ariola Records/Sony BMG Music Entertainment/BBR Records

10. Freedom*

*Contains a sample from the 25th Century Fox film
"Fight Club" (1999) All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Fight Club "Project Mayhem" Vancouver, British Columbia

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Track Name: Welcome
All goods acquired for services needed
Stoppin suppliers from what they've been breedin'
Locked in desire the moment i'm breathin'
Often inspired by Noobinson's leading

And that's for certain
Servin you, watchin you while were working
Got each person searching for their version
Welcoming Mizz as the urban Tyler Durden

And that's caught on stage cam
I've brought a lot to the table for Project Mayhem
Blood, sweat and tears, Im still able to make fans
Step off stage, recognize I'm the same man

No mañana
The way I put you to the test, guess you outta
Expect the best, no low-blow Golota
Just verbal jiu jitsu, Oma Plata

Even treatment doesn't help
I'm burden by sleep so MD's checkin health
So work for your freedom and bitch about your wealth
Walking round like your rich wit an interim belt.

I'm Jack's lack of surprise
in fact I see the future backed with the lies
why's that you ask? I lay back and decide
to act like rap's got me categorized

Rule One, it ain't nothin' to talk about
Rule Two, it ain't nothin' to talk about
Rule Three, first night better be rockin' crowds
Rule Four, Mizzy Mizz draggin the carcass out

Black gloves, white gloves, welcome to the Fight Club
Black gloves, White gloves, welcome to the Fight Club
Black gloves, white gloves, welcome to the Fight Club
Last one mic'd up, when i'm in the Fight Club
Track Name: Oh Marla
Oh Marla
She knows everything, but don't know I'm single
Red, blonde, brunette and this is the thing tho
I'm a status symbol, in the streets it simple
Put you in the ring you wouldn't last like Kimbo

And that's what happens with limits and restrictions
Starts with laughin, finish in addiction
Pourin' all my cash in, image is affliction
My satisfaction don't ever get submission

Unless its tappin and actin like strangers
That's the reaction that backs up in our favour
Simple fact that damn I'd love to change her
Love to have her but hate to see her later

Marla, Oh Marla,
I know you, you know you think you love me
But you don't, you know this
You know you probably hate me
Oh Marla,
I know you, you know you think you love me
But you don't, you wasted
The time we spent don't judge me

When I hate her I'm Mizzy, Love her I'm Justin
Custom made feelings that's related to substance
Whats the pain in simple being able to function
and actin risky's not up for discussion

When she do herself up, I love how she look
My eyes tell her stuff ya couldn't read in a book
She likes to play rough, knows what buttons to push
Whispering my name as she sharpens the hook

It's a tug of war, but I love the Whore
These aren't my dirty threads so they must be yours
Let her cuss some more as she shuts the door
Her love for me is like the filth stuck to the floor


Let me tell you bout a girl, that we all know
Love to go out and ski on snow
And every time I deliver, its beyond gold
And anytime it goes wrong, its me i'm told

I know you relate or at least understand
We all let Marla dictate who has the upper hand
Thinks ever date I'm on , I'm out fucking fans
That's the same chick that cheats but still loves her man

On stage isn't like being attached to a pole
If you only understood the passion I hold
I know you long to be back in control
But your gone, prepare to evacuate soul
Track Name: Sealed Envelopes
Sealed Envelopes
Now whether MD knew it or not, he made a beast
I guess he's removing my thoughts, enstate belief
Educating each stop and tasting defeat
Now all the eyes watch as the ratings increase

Both born in central, it's become essential
To bring it all back to the press of a pencil
Pessimistic pride, each side would ride
To the point that the other could die

How much trouble could I, provoke and create
Till emcees break bread, smoke then relate
broke down the gate, all hell frozen hate
Like Jon 'Bones' Jones makes orbitals break

Of course it would take, more than maturity
I closed up that case, we both speak in certainty
Both back stage and bypass security
Assuring me MD's my brother for eternity

The west coast, all different kinds of dope
Handing missions out in sealed envelopes
Ya loaded hand wraps ain't a reason to boast
I'm way beyond that Freddie Roach is my Coach

Don't be mad,
Don't be mad, the way I get it in wit the focus pads
Jokes are bad, wit ya hoax and fads
Ya talkin too much and you know this man(x2)

Switch it up twice like we switched up slings
I'm livin in East 9, all 35 stitches sting
Split wit our sides, watch em rip out they rings
Tossin round ya pride is an addiction thing

Pushed ours aside and healed any scaring
Now when we rhyme it's just like were sparring
When every single sign seemed like were discarding
Each Other, so people still beg their pardon

Dunn was out west, I was done out east
Dumbed out in central, till I was done with feats
Stage done like a coffin, ashes in the streets
Mighta done a lot of talking but my actions complete

Match it with peace, the calmest state
Its a masterpiece when we congregate
So MD, Would I be wrong to say
That trashing each other made us strong today?


Hot Chrome'd out, best in black with battle scars
Out west featured on tracks with shining stars
Set for a cheque the way we packin bars
Welterweight belt keeps us fightin the charge

Thats our will tho, throw cats to Milko
Skills show we bend em all up like bill folds
Pot holes, hill holds cats in they kill clothes
I've gone out west but central still knows

Love home field advantage, riding with locals
Not being average, I'm relying on global
Face to canvas, finding the chokehold
Run you out the city like you ugly, Sopel

Nice to have a roof over my head
I'm soundscan bound all mouths are gettin bread
Palace or possibly on the east end
With MD, Doc No, Zeny D and Karl Red

Track Name: Take It Up A Notch
Take It Up a Notch
I don't beg for attention take notice
I play it easy, I'm just livin in the moment
I might roll in wit an entourage
and roll out wit Marla Singer when my song is on

And this is Vince so don't ever get it twisted
E take the Drama try to keep it at a distance
Ari Gold build bank in the basement office
Turtle and St Kris keep the travels cautious

MD ya shoulda never let me do this (why not?)
Like I ever needed anymore influence
Hip Hop culture but don't call me a rapper
Cuz I will insult ya, I'm not an actor

Used to let the pen run me and you know it
Now I'm spidering all of my opponents
Mock the disrespectful and unprepared
Every fight of my life's a main event affair

Take it up a notch, So I can shut them down
Take it up a notch, So I can shut them down
Take it up a notch, So I can Shut them down
Man this ain't a circus we ain't focused on clowns (x2)

Every single night we out there having Fight Club
Not surprising that they wanna be just like us
Abercrombie wearing knowledge ain't half as nice
And a zombie thinks it makes what a man looks like

I take it up a notch but Fight Club ain't over
We at a different spot, a different type of soldier
Persistence pays off and I ain't prayin on patience
And Lou couldn't even keep us outta the basement

You've heard the results if you confront me
I'm relaxed at home with all my space monkeys
You decide right here your own level of involvement
Accept losing everything, I'm callin that progress

You never confined by what's before us
Must be lyin guess you didn't check the chorus
Go head spread your doubt, say what you do to Z
In the end, remember its not bout you and me


Home made, with all my natural movements
And results never vary cause I actually do this
My poetic pulse pairs me with cats that are clueless
Can't catch on, I keep on attackin the Judas

Learn about myself with the reaper in my peripheral
Swervin round the road, am I evil? Am I biblical?
To me it seems more like I am an individual
That values imbalance and perfection isn't livable

Born in raised in Canada and wouldn't you know
That eventually your stamina could help you to grow
From pro leagues and amateurs, make friends with foes
Like Hall, Nash and Hogan, NWO

New World Order, Northwestern Ontario
Since the age of four, I've been blessing the stereo
Mayhem's alive, checked in and doing very well
Now way to stop us, even with death or a burial

Track Name: Time Zones
Time Zones

(West Coast)
Touch down and I don't climb in cars
I hit the bus now, train for the sky like stars
And I love how when I hit YVR
They all know Mizzy Mizz for rhyming hard

And not in the sense of hustle in the streets,
I just paid my rent, don't nobody muscle me
Blow their hot air and vent round 115
I'm looking main event, Bruce Buffer Mizzy

Handle any coward on my way to Pacific
Two hours head of myself so be specific
Hand em power, wanna make me a misfit
When a literal shower couldn't cleanse your linguistics

Hate it, my patience are blamed for these statements
Face it, its basic, like we're lazy complacent
Feels like were breaking oaths built so sacred
So Schmack and Mizzy buildin soap in the basement

Stuff in briefcases, portraying business properly
Too much to be faced with, no way these bitches stoppin me
Only do brief dates, never ever give em property
No wonder why she hates Project Mayhem democracy

We're living and evolving, building what their calling
a villain thats involving children with the problem
pillaging and bombing, villaging and spawning
an image their longing for killing off and solving

Guess you'll find with the test of time
If you invest yourself like I've invested mine
I never rest my eyes, just infest their minds
Cuz my central grind makes em press rewind

Yes folks the west coast, bringin you the best dose
Lets go ya stress tho, you know how the rest goes
Mountain peeks and beaches, get wrecked and bless smoke
My name reaches out so much it echos

Bounce around a lot, never stuck to a scene
Crowded round a fleet, flying Double Boomskee
Homeward bound, pit stop at YWG
Soon as I touch down, eyes love what you see

Here I was born and raised and some are born a slave
So we fornicate with three or four our age
It's important to fake who you adoring these days
Cuz these vultures and snakes are swarming with hate

He said, she said, gave me head on the weekend
No threads in a bed, keep it all on the frequent
Just ends when it ends, pretend that we can be friends
Till a friend of a friend is living out a secret

The curse and the gift, each person is watching
Observing Mizzy Mizz dispersin his logic
Certain that this will get worse before shocking
Here I'm firming my lips, adverse when I'm talking

Fourth biggest city where the lime light be
Of course it might be where I find my steeze
Take the torch from Van to YYZ
Cost an hour of my life but it's fine by me

Beginning of the end, who was I to predict
Killing where I went so you know Z's sick
Feeling with the pens of course I noticed it
Dealing with some friends went some colder shit

Big city, big dreams, Mizzy Mizz so naive
Stick wit me so it seems was a little bit intrigued
Buck fifty kick like the biggest in the league
Like feelin like I'm finished whenever I leave

Left the nest, met Dehesh, timing never meant more
Set me next to vets, I been blessed my mentors
Just wreck each set and check your epicentor
Invest in yourself and the rest is what your meant for

Face ain't changed, don't face off in a cage
This is where I'd spend my darkest of days
So many ways for me to harness my rage
Get blazed, grab a beer and just carnage a stage

Act like all the things I've brought
Aren't flashing lights and the singles are soft
This battle in the octagon or in the box
But every one fight to be the King of the Dot

I just fall in to place with no callings or grace
I just smile in your face and you come crawling with hate
If you don't play, you just be bawling like Blake
I'm more 92 Jays than Alomar in your face

Keep question why so many V's
Keep getting W's from double Z
Know I'm alone, I'm in and outta time zones
Prone to change my tone when I'm in and outta time zones
When I'm in and outta time zones
Prone to change my tone when I'm in and outta timezones
Track Name: Press Release
Press Release
Check the fine print, text, better run the press
Placed on paper screen bout the one that's next
If you don't say our team then I'm unimpressed
Actually we don't care so none-the-less

Since Day One had that 4AM Style
Live to Evolve since I was a problem child
Let em all DIESLOW, walk em down that aisle
cuz as far as they know it just sounds so wild

All the while we put our faith in our doctors
Deal em more drugs for a new way to prosper
Lie about disease, get revealed, that's awkward
They try to shove it down our throats instead of handing offers

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see
I can smell their fear and they feel what I mean
Get a taste of death, use your sense properly
Just cause they give you news, doesn't mean its honesty

Look at all the things they teach us
To beat down, leak out and delete us
From west to east it's making press releases
(They all wanna find where Paper street is)

We aggressive, you know this, our essence is golden
The best say were next but I recon we're chosen(x3)

I understand, if you never found the time
To do your research and break down my lines
If it was rock form, you'd allow your mind
To open up for a quick cope mountain ride

You won't try to leave, cause I know your dependent
Stand out from society and no we don't regret it
Never be as high as me, even with synthetics
Make shift, mind disease making you pathetic

Alternate perceptions, new directions
They often try to mention this wasn't our intention
They break your investment, blamed on suggestion
These economic slaves tryin gain a new pension


I'm sorry, if I don't acknowledge you
How am I supposed to know what we've all been through
What'd college do but prolong the feud?
No longer wanna be involved with school

All they wanna do is put us right in the system
Say it's all new types of knowledge and wisdom
Make ya lose ya sight, wanna polish ya vision
Gotta be Mike, no ones following Pippen

Politicians are my competition
Left and right wings, don't bother to listen
Stay centered and do the wrong decision
They say ya life's based on how long your living

Track Name: Revival
I know it's fate that were brothers, like history fact
That we wouldn't know each other outside a victory lap
So we'd go to your mothers, toke get pissed and relax
How could I recover? Each joke is missin' your laugh

Guardian above cause that bastard grim reaper
Even had my back on the pitch as the sweeper
Get that, left back, met with minor set backs
blessed tatts, forever scarred, I know you wouldn't let that

Just carry us in areas, marry us and bury us
Swear that this story saw us riding golden chariots
Hate to complain, can't shake that hurt phase
Graduated, got a job, a monumental birthday

Literally taught me treat others how they treat you
without it we find we minus love and we equal
deceitful, naw my premonition is lethal
I'm in the middle, wishin for prequels and sequels

Two weeks before my world falls, I'm tasting the end
Now that same phone call is replaying in my head
Wish I could bend arms, press pause and ascend
Feeling lost, I can't clone and replace my best friend

This taste of deaths got a shiver down my spine
Try pacing steps instead of gripping to pride
Not patient yet, may never live it down and die
But without wasting breaths and crippling my time

Handling all this like a debt to society
Channel every test outside of my sobriety
Panels pestering me for acting so violently
Saddled up with stress and it's killing me quietly

Silently acting like I ain't missing a beat
All while people asking if I'm sick or if I eat
Drastic measure asking if I'm sittin in the streets
wit elastic's round are arm like we missing our teeth

From fiction to fact, canvas'd out Bobby Lashley
I go at them anyway, perform where they match me
Exactly, we last speak about past prime athletes
Detached me from family, we always was the black sheep

Never tryna act like this ain't a part of me
It's hard on me and startled me, living in my arteries
Always preached to me about keeping on my qualities
We never said sorry's just admit our faults honestly

You still don't feel gone, it feels ignorable
But what T would want that question is rhetorical
He'd wanna be here instead of holding a memorial
Every mornings horrible, always feeling short of full

Onlookers and hoes and concerts and shows
The bond and how it goes, yeah the list it grows
I don't feel like I'm on the brink of defeat
How could I forget? I can't stop thinkin of T...