Oh Marla
She knows everything, but don't know I'm single
Red, blonde, brunette and this is the thing tho
I'm a status symbol, in the streets it simple
Put you in the ring you wouldn't last like Kimbo

And that's what happens with limits and restrictions
Starts with laughin, finish in addiction
Pourin' all my cash in, image is affliction
My satisfaction don't ever get submission

Unless its tappin and actin like strangers
That's the reaction that backs up in our favour
Simple fact that damn I'd love to change her
Love to have her but hate to see her later

Marla, Oh Marla,
I know you, you know you think you love me
But you don't, you know this
You know you probably hate me
Oh Marla,
I know you, you know you think you love me
But you don't, you wasted
The time we spent don't judge me

When I hate her I'm Mizzy, Love her I'm Justin
Custom made feelings that's related to substance
Whats the pain in simple being able to function
and actin risky's not up for discussion

When she do herself up, I love how she look
My eyes tell her stuff ya couldn't read in a book
She likes to play rough, knows what buttons to push
Whispering my name as she sharpens the hook

It's a tug of war, but I love the Whore
These aren't my dirty threads so they must be yours
Let her cuss some more as she shuts the door
Her love for me is like the filth stuck to the floor


Let me tell you bout a girl, that we all know
Love to go out and ski on snow
And every time I deliver, its beyond gold
And anytime it goes wrong, its me i'm told

I know you relate or at least understand
We all let Marla dictate who has the upper hand
Thinks ever date I'm on , I'm out fucking fans
That's the same chick that cheats but still loves her man

On stage isn't like being attached to a pole
If you only understood the passion I hold
I know you long to be back in control
But your gone, prepare to evacuate soul


from Jay Mizz (S​.​D​.​O​.​E​.​), released October 26, 2010



all rights reserved


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