Press Release
Check the fine print, text, better run the press
Placed on paper screen bout the one that's next
If you don't say our team then I'm unimpressed
Actually we don't care so none-the-less

Since Day One had that 4AM Style
Live to Evolve since I was a problem child
Let em all DIESLOW, walk em down that aisle
cuz as far as they know it just sounds so wild

All the while we put our faith in our doctors
Deal em more drugs for a new way to prosper
Lie about disease, get revealed, that's awkward
They try to shove it down our throats instead of handing offers

Believe none of what you hear and half of what you see
I can smell their fear and they feel what I mean
Get a taste of death, use your sense properly
Just cause they give you news, doesn't mean its honesty

Look at all the things they teach us
To beat down, leak out and delete us
From west to east it's making press releases
(They all wanna find where Paper street is)

We aggressive, you know this, our essence is golden
The best say were next but I recon we're chosen(x3)

I understand, if you never found the time
To do your research and break down my lines
If it was rock form, you'd allow your mind
To open up for a quick cope mountain ride

You won't try to leave, cause I know your dependent
Stand out from society and no we don't regret it
Never be as high as me, even with synthetics
Make shift, mind disease making you pathetic

Alternate perceptions, new directions
They often try to mention this wasn't our intention
They break your investment, blamed on suggestion
These economic slaves tryin gain a new pension


I'm sorry, if I don't acknowledge you
How am I supposed to know what we've all been through
What'd college do but prolong the feud?
No longer wanna be involved with school

All they wanna do is put us right in the system
Say it's all new types of knowledge and wisdom
Make ya lose ya sight, wanna polish ya vision
Gotta be Mike, no ones following Pippen

Politicians are my competition
Left and right wings, don't bother to listen
Stay centered and do the wrong decision
They say ya life's based on how long your living



from Jay Mizz (S​.​D​.​O​.​E​.​), released October 26, 2010



all rights reserved


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