I know it's fate that were brothers, like history fact
That we wouldn't know each other outside a victory lap
So we'd go to your mothers, toke get pissed and relax
How could I recover? Each joke is missin' your laugh

Guardian above cause that bastard grim reaper
Even had my back on the pitch as the sweeper
Get that, left back, met with minor set backs
blessed tatts, forever scarred, I know you wouldn't let that

Just carry us in areas, marry us and bury us
Swear that this story saw us riding golden chariots
Hate to complain, can't shake that hurt phase
Graduated, got a job, a monumental birthday

Literally taught me treat others how they treat you
without it we find we minus love and we equal
deceitful, naw my premonition is lethal
I'm in the middle, wishin for prequels and sequels

Two weeks before my world falls, I'm tasting the end
Now that same phone call is replaying in my head
Wish I could bend arms, press pause and ascend
Feeling lost, I can't clone and replace my best friend

This taste of deaths got a shiver down my spine
Try pacing steps instead of gripping to pride
Not patient yet, may never live it down and die
But without wasting breaths and crippling my time

Handling all this like a debt to society
Channel every test outside of my sobriety
Panels pestering me for acting so violently
Saddled up with stress and it's killing me quietly

Silently acting like I ain't missing a beat
All while people asking if I'm sick or if I eat
Drastic measure asking if I'm sittin in the streets
wit elastic's round are arm like we missing our teeth

From fiction to fact, canvas'd out Bobby Lashley
I go at them anyway, perform where they match me
Exactly, we last speak about past prime athletes
Detached me from family, we always was the black sheep

Never tryna act like this ain't a part of me
It's hard on me and startled me, living in my arteries
Always preached to me about keeping on my qualities
We never said sorry's just admit our faults honestly

You still don't feel gone, it feels ignorable
But what T would want that question is rhetorical
He'd wanna be here instead of holding a memorial
Every mornings horrible, always feeling short of full

Onlookers and hoes and concerts and shows
The bond and how it goes, yeah the list it grows
I don't feel like I'm on the brink of defeat
How could I forget? I can't stop thinkin of T...


from Jay Mizz (S​.​D​.​O​.​E​.​), released October 26, 2010



all rights reserved


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