Sealed Envelopes
Now whether MD knew it or not, he made a beast
I guess he's removing my thoughts, enstate belief
Educating each stop and tasting defeat
Now all the eyes watch as the ratings increase

Both born in central, it's become essential
To bring it all back to the press of a pencil
Pessimistic pride, each side would ride
To the point that the other could die

How much trouble could I, provoke and create
Till emcees break bread, smoke then relate
broke down the gate, all hell frozen hate
Like Jon 'Bones' Jones makes orbitals break

Of course it would take, more than maturity
I closed up that case, we both speak in certainty
Both back stage and bypass security
Assuring me MD's my brother for eternity

The west coast, all different kinds of dope
Handing missions out in sealed envelopes
Ya loaded hand wraps ain't a reason to boast
I'm way beyond that Freddie Roach is my Coach

Don't be mad,
Don't be mad, the way I get it in wit the focus pads
Jokes are bad, wit ya hoax and fads
Ya talkin too much and you know this man(x2)

Switch it up twice like we switched up slings
I'm livin in East 9, all 35 stitches sting
Split wit our sides, watch em rip out they rings
Tossin round ya pride is an addiction thing

Pushed ours aside and healed any scaring
Now when we rhyme it's just like were sparring
When every single sign seemed like were discarding
Each Other, so people still beg their pardon

Dunn was out west, I was done out east
Dumbed out in central, till I was done with feats
Stage done like a coffin, ashes in the streets
Mighta done a lot of talking but my actions complete

Match it with peace, the calmest state
Its a masterpiece when we congregate
So MD, Would I be wrong to say
That trashing each other made us strong today?


Hot Chrome'd out, best in black with battle scars
Out west featured on tracks with shining stars
Set for a cheque the way we packin bars
Welterweight belt keeps us fightin the charge

Thats our will tho, throw cats to Milko
Skills show we bend em all up like bill folds
Pot holes, hill holds cats in they kill clothes
I've gone out west but central still knows

Love home field advantage, riding with locals
Not being average, I'm relying on global
Face to canvas, finding the chokehold
Run you out the city like you ugly, Sopel

Nice to have a roof over my head
I'm soundscan bound all mouths are gettin bread
Palace or possibly on the east end
With MD, Doc No, Zeny D and Karl Red



from Jay Mizz (S​.​D​.​O​.​E​.​), released October 26, 2010



all rights reserved


Fight Club "Project Mayhem" Vancouver, British Columbia

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