Take It Up a Notch
I don't beg for attention take notice
I play it easy, I'm just livin in the moment
I might roll in wit an entourage
and roll out wit Marla Singer when my song is on

And this is Vince so don't ever get it twisted
E take the Drama try to keep it at a distance
Ari Gold build bank in the basement office
Turtle and St Kris keep the travels cautious

MD ya shoulda never let me do this (why not?)
Like I ever needed anymore influence
Hip Hop culture but don't call me a rapper
Cuz I will insult ya, I'm not an actor

Used to let the pen run me and you know it
Now I'm spidering all of my opponents
Mock the disrespectful and unprepared
Every fight of my life's a main event affair

Take it up a notch, So I can shut them down
Take it up a notch, So I can shut them down
Take it up a notch, So I can Shut them down
Man this ain't a circus we ain't focused on clowns (x2)

Every single night we out there having Fight Club
Not surprising that they wanna be just like us
Abercrombie wearing knowledge ain't half as nice
And a zombie thinks it makes what a man looks like

I take it up a notch but Fight Club ain't over
We at a different spot, a different type of soldier
Persistence pays off and I ain't prayin on patience
And Lou couldn't even keep us outta the basement

You've heard the results if you confront me
I'm relaxed at home with all my space monkeys
You decide right here your own level of involvement
Accept losing everything, I'm callin that progress

You never confined by what's before us
Must be lyin guess you didn't check the chorus
Go head spread your doubt, say what you do to Z
In the end, remember its not bout you and me


Home made, with all my natural movements
And results never vary cause I actually do this
My poetic pulse pairs me with cats that are clueless
Can't catch on, I keep on attackin the Judas

Learn about myself with the reaper in my peripheral
Swervin round the road, am I evil? Am I biblical?
To me it seems more like I am an individual
That values imbalance and perfection isn't livable

Born in raised in Canada and wouldn't you know
That eventually your stamina could help you to grow
From pro leagues and amateurs, make friends with foes
Like Hall, Nash and Hogan, NWO

New World Order, Northwestern Ontario
Since the age of four, I've been blessing the stereo
Mayhem's alive, checked in and doing very well
Now way to stop us, even with death or a burial



from Jay Mizz (S​.​D​.​O​.​E​.​), released October 26, 2010



all rights reserved


Fight Club "Project Mayhem" Vancouver, British Columbia

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