Time Zones

(West Coast)
Touch down and I don't climb in cars
I hit the bus now, train for the sky like stars
And I love how when I hit YVR
They all know Mizzy Mizz for rhyming hard

And not in the sense of hustle in the streets,
I just paid my rent, don't nobody muscle me
Blow their hot air and vent round 115
I'm looking main event, Bruce Buffer Mizzy

Handle any coward on my way to Pacific
Two hours head of myself so be specific
Hand em power, wanna make me a misfit
When a literal shower couldn't cleanse your linguistics

Hate it, my patience are blamed for these statements
Face it, its basic, like we're lazy complacent
Feels like were breaking oaths built so sacred
So Schmack and Mizzy buildin soap in the basement

Stuff in briefcases, portraying business properly
Too much to be faced with, no way these bitches stoppin me
Only do brief dates, never ever give em property
No wonder why she hates Project Mayhem democracy

We're living and evolving, building what their calling
a villain thats involving children with the problem
pillaging and bombing, villaging and spawning
an image their longing for killing off and solving

Guess you'll find with the test of time
If you invest yourself like I've invested mine
I never rest my eyes, just infest their minds
Cuz my central grind makes em press rewind

Yes folks the west coast, bringin you the best dose
Lets go ya stress tho, you know how the rest goes
Mountain peeks and beaches, get wrecked and bless smoke
My name reaches out so much it echos

Bounce around a lot, never stuck to a scene
Crowded round a fleet, flying Double Boomskee
Homeward bound, pit stop at YWG
Soon as I touch down, eyes love what you see

Here I was born and raised and some are born a slave
So we fornicate with three or four our age
It's important to fake who you adoring these days
Cuz these vultures and snakes are swarming with hate

He said, she said, gave me head on the weekend
No threads in a bed, keep it all on the frequent
Just ends when it ends, pretend that we can be friends
Till a friend of a friend is living out a secret

The curse and the gift, each person is watching
Observing Mizzy Mizz dispersin his logic
Certain that this will get worse before shocking
Here I'm firming my lips, adverse when I'm talking

Fourth biggest city where the lime light be
Of course it might be where I find my steeze
Take the torch from Van to YYZ
Cost an hour of my life but it's fine by me

Beginning of the end, who was I to predict
Killing where I went so you know Z's sick
Feeling with the pens of course I noticed it
Dealing with some friends went some colder shit

Big city, big dreams, Mizzy Mizz so naive
Stick wit me so it seems was a little bit intrigued
Buck fifty kick like the biggest in the league
Like feelin like I'm finished whenever I leave

Left the nest, met Dehesh, timing never meant more
Set me next to vets, I been blessed my mentors
Just wreck each set and check your epicentor
Invest in yourself and the rest is what your meant for

Face ain't changed, don't face off in a cage
This is where I'd spend my darkest of days
So many ways for me to harness my rage
Get blazed, grab a beer and just carnage a stage

Act like all the things I've brought
Aren't flashing lights and the singles are soft
This battle in the octagon or in the box
But every one fight to be the King of the Dot

I just fall in to place with no callings or grace
I just smile in your face and you come crawling with hate
If you don't play, you just be bawling like Blake
I'm more 92 Jays than Alomar in your face

Keep question why so many V's
Keep getting W's from double Z
Know I'm alone, I'm in and outta time zones
Prone to change my tone when I'm in and outta time zones
When I'm in and outta time zones
Prone to change my tone when I'm in and outta timezones


from Jay Mizz (S​.​D​.​O​.​E​.​), released October 26, 2010



all rights reserved


Fight Club "Project Mayhem" Vancouver, British Columbia

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